Flowserve Earns NSF 61 and Low Lead Certification

Flowserve pumps meet the highest statutory, sanitary and engineering standards in the industry.  To this end, Flowserve has attained a North American industry-wide certification known as NSF/ANSI 61, G, or NSF 61-G.  This NSF standard states that pump manufacturers must fully comply with its requirements and achieve certification to sell their products for drinking water and drinking water treatment chemicals.

Flowserve is fully compliant with NSF 61-G

  • Complies with key state requirements and those of the U.S. Safe Water Drinking Act
  • Annex G-certified:  each product has a weighted average lead content of 0.25% or less
  • Flowserve production facilities have been successfully audited and certified by NSF
  • NSF-certified Flowserve pump products include:
    SUBM deep well pump, submersible motor (oil-filled)
    - VTP vertical turbine
    - VPC vertical turbine, double case
    - LR axially split, single-stage
    - Mark 3 ASME (ANSI) standard

Selected materials approved by NSF, including Flowserve mechanical seals

To learn more about the world’s most complete line of water applications pumps and those specifically with the NSF 61-G mark, contact your local Flowserve representative, at Carter & VerPlanck, Inc., 800-329-2555.

As manufacture representatives, C&V achieved #1 in U.S. Water Market Sales for Flowserve in 2013.